Website Redesign, Strategic Planning and Researches

Matt McKenzie | January 20, 2021


Alloy partnered with Physicians Mutual Insurance Company (PM), a mutual insurance company that offers health, life, and retirement products, to conduct strategic research and provide a user experience strategy, high-fidelity wireframes, prototypes, and user testing for a website redesign and new member portal experience.

Services Used:

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research

  • Primary and Secondary Research

  • User Research and Testing

  • User Experience Strategy

  • Prototyping

  • Wireframe Design

  • UX & Accessibility Expertise

The Background:

Physician’s Mutual needed a user experience strategy partner to create a simple, easy-to-use, and accessible website experience for its existing and prospective customers. To achieve these goals, our approach to website redesign was focused on aligning PM’s primary business goals with target insurance customer needs to develop a cohesive strategy. To prove the strategy and refine key conversion touchpoints, we develop and tested prototypes. A new website was launched based on this strategy and maximized on and off-site conversions of new customers.

Specific website goals included:

  • Website Experience: Easy to use, educational, mobile-first

  • Functionality: Improve online quoting process, shopping, member/customer experiences

  • Results: Attract new customers and increase conversion with existing customers

The Challenge:

Today’s retirement-aged customers are not as tech-savvy as younger generations and need an easy-to-use and accessible website. At the same time, the next generation of retirement-aged customers is expected to be more tech-centric and prefer online quoting to the traditional ‘agent’ life insurance application process.

Physician’s Mutual wanted to attract and service the needs of both audiences. 

Features and Process:

  • Primary Research: We conducted primary qualitative and quantitative research to determine potential features, opportunities, pain points, and the decision-making process using internal and external insight.

  • Secondary Research: We also leveraged secondary research to understand the marketplace, competitor offerings, industry trends, as well as the relevant behavioral and psychological insight that contributes to a more holistic understanding of consumers interested in product lines offered by PM. We examined internal data including existing content, analytics, and current website strategy, and integrated with user and consumer findings.

  • Site Design Strategy: Research findings were leveraged to inform wireframe development that represent best practices for a new digital website experience that met user needs, delivered on business goals, and represented the PM brand. In addition to wireframes, conducted several user tests against the wireframes and made adjustments based on user feedback, and built a prototype that exhibits recommendations for online life insurance quoting.

The Results: 

Our team helped Physicians Mutual with its first website redesign in over 8-years, and the first design with a mobile-first approach with user-tested designs,  that addresses customers’ changing technology, information, and accessibility needs. 

Our team delivered wireframes for a full website redesign, and the PM team is in the process of deploying with more pages to come. Pages launched have shown dramatic improvements in bounce rate reduction, time on page, and time to drill down into content users are looking for. 

Check out new featured pages below:

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