How to Pick the Right Software Development Partner

Matt McKenzie | November 10, 2020

Chances are, you’ve had a bad experience with online dating. Picking the right software development agency for your digital needs doesn't have to be as hard.

No, in fact, 40% of companies say they’ve had a bad experience with their current agency partner and will be looking for new agency partners in 2021. While software outsourcing can offer significant upsides, many companies are disappointed with their matches. Most common reviews include lackluster performance, poor integration, inflated timelines (and budgets), as well as challenges in communication. As the technology partner of choice for some of today’s most reputable brands, we’d like to help save you from heartbreak with our vetted search criteria for picking the right agency partner. 

Finding the Right Agency Partner


You want to know your agency partner isn’t going to fly by night and leave you out to dry in the morning. Look for a ‘safe choice’ for your company with the right experience and capabilities to deliver a return on investment. 


Don’t settle for technology expertise only. Look for an agency partner who also understands branding, marketing, and communications. It’s this unique combination of value that delivers on the promise of a highly usable platform that speaks to your users.


Don’t let your partner steal or compromise your data. Make sure your technology partner carries cybersecurity insurance and adheres to compliance and industry standards. ADA compliance proficiency is also a must to ensure usability for all, and to limit your legal exposure. 


Make it personal. Look for a technology partner that understands behavioral science and brings an experienced holistic journey team to your digital efforts. Behavioral economics tactics alongside user touchpoints can dramatically influence your targeted customer behavior.


Can we connect? Finding a partner who can integrate your backend services (CRM, APIs, tools, etc) to your digital ecosystem with skill and experience is a must.  


Quality isn’t just what you see; it’s what you get. In our technology industry, many low-cost providers don’t focus on the quality of things clients can’t see. Be sure your agency partner is committed to high-quality code and routine tests across all browsers and devices. 


Can we talk? Look for an agency partner that likes to communicate and can support you with regular or written updates, and provide access to the back end systems used to manage work.


Need we say more? You want a partner who has experience developing and executing digital application experiences across different industries. Versatility is not only attractive but is also a strong predictor of success.

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