Removing barriers for better access

With the proliferation of digital devices more people than ever have access to both technology and information. Yet your site or digital product may be creating roadblocks for people with disabilities. Accessibility is the practice of removing these roadblocks so that people with either temporary or permanent disabilities can access your product.

Usability Drawing

Digital Accessibility

Digital accessibility is the practice of making digital experiences useful by everyone, regardless of physical or mental abilities. In general improving accessibility improves the overall user experience. Alloy is a leader in accessibility and can help you build or retrofit your site or app to be accessibility compliant with WCAG 2.0 A/AA/AAA, ADA and Section 508.

So why should you care about accessibility?

  • It's right thing to do
  • Accessibility is SEO friendly
  • Any one of us have temporary needs
  • Accessibility helps general usability of a digital product
  • Accessibility is future proof
  • It gives you a competitive edge
  • Accessibility regulations are here with both Section 508 for Government agencies and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for businesses

Why choose Alloy for your accessibility needs?

Most companies approach accessibility based solely on automated tools. That only gets you so far. For a product to be truly accessible it takes real people to review a product and find accessibility errors. We use a User Centered approach to testing and create testing plans based on real life users and supplement that testing with automated testing. With this approach you don't just end up with an accessible site but a product all your users can use.

Manual Testing

A first-pass web accessibility testing conducted by our trained staff utilizing screen readers, magnifiers, color contrast analyzers, keyboard only navigation, and other tools to test your site or app.

Automated Testing

Website accessibility testing using industry standard validators. Typically speaking automated testing can only captures 17% of WCAG guideline failures.

Accessibility Training

To help you with your accessibility needs we can provide additional training for your staff — from content creators to developers and everyone in-between.

Customized to Your Needs

We can make recommendations for accessibility tools, plugins, and other technologies based on your specific platform and development needs.

Dedicated Support

Support and troubleshooting assistance from our dedicated support staff.

Maintenance Retainer

Once accessible doesn't mean always accessible. If you are constantly updating your content then we recommend our accessibility retainer for regular reviews of your product to make sure you stay in compliance.

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