Spectrum Capital: Westgate

Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk

Empowering prospective owners of The Westgate Residences with the ability to envision their lives through an advanced interactive solution.

Touch Screen Demonstration

Project Overview

Spectrum Capital needed assistance for the rebrand of what was a mixed commercial and residential project called Dynasty Park into a new facility focused solely on providing high-end, luxury condominium residences, known now as Westgate Residences. This effort leveraged the exclusive location across the street from one of the most iconic stadiums in the Southeast. Although its location gave Westgate an edge, it was important to translate this brand in market in a way that appealed to its core target audience and differentiated it from its competitors. To work within a newly redesigned sales center, ALLOY was tasked with developing.

The Challenge

Provide an immersive and engaging means to convey the luxury, design, and amenities of a property that did not exist to facilitate unit reservations.

Technical Solution

We developed a custom, white-labeled application to run on a 55” touchscreen table. The application created an immersive property tour utilizing Unity game engine, C#, Ideum GestureWorks SDK, API-driven data access, and third-party API integration with Mailgun and Google Maps.

Market Results

From integrating 2-D architectural renderings, property photos, original artwork, and drone footage to providing capabilities for customer information capture and live updates of unit reservation status, ALLOY provided an engaging solution that allowed potential owners to envision their life at Westgate. Within the first few months of the touchscreen table being utilized in the sales center, more than one-third of the units were reserved.