U.S. Pipe

Updated Website

Building a scalable, responsive website

U.S. Pipe's website displayed on a phone, tablet, notebook and desktop computers.

Project Overview

U.S. Pipe is a leader in their industry and a brand known around the world. ALLOY worked closely with U.S. Pipe to understand their needs, wants and expectations in order to consolidate multiple URLs into a single, united online presence. This provided added brand awareness and improved search engine performance and optimization.

The Challenge

The new website needed to provide a pleasing, informative and easy to navigate user experience and make it easier for U.S. Pipe to convey relevant information and create motivation that generates new sales leads.

Technical Solution

Needing a modernized digital consumer experience, ALLOY helped U.S. Pipe design and develop a responsive website, including manufacturing product calculators, extensive product information, testimonial video content strategy, and new promotional videos. Our SEO migration included one-to-one 301 URL redirects, Google Analytics conversion Strategy & dashboard build out along with Google Analytics training.

Market Results

U.S. Pipe was facing a slowing or reversing of market share created by accelerated industry migration to PVC from iron and in its wake, ductile iron piping (DIP). ALLOY helped U.S. Pipe gain traction with improved search results and increased lead generation.