Moultrie Mobile

Integrated Web & Mobile Application

Redesigning a system from scratch to reposition Moultrie Mobile ahead of its competitors and giving its users a better, faster, more reliable product.

Moultrie Mobile

Project Overview

Moultrie Mobile is a system that connects game cameras to the internet using cellular modems, giving hunters and property owners a way to remotely access and manage their cameras, saving them time, money, and from disturbance to the area around their cameras.

As subscribers were dropping off and leaving for other platforms, Moultrie needed assistance in architecting and designing a new system, with development and design resources to complete the work. In addition, they needed assistance with product ownership, including requirements, prioritization, feature planning, and vendor/service selection. With scalability and growth as a primary focus, ALLOY incorporated elements from the old system and leveraged technical insights to redesign the infrastructure from the ground up. A new system with greater reliance and functionality was created to empower Moultrie and its users.

The Challenge

Overcome an outdated, uneconomical, data-limiting product and create a system that is effective, cost-efficient and inherently superior, improving user experience and increased Moultrie subscriptions.

Strategic & Technical Solution

We developed web, Android and iOS applications that leveraged expertise in AWS Cloud Infrastructure, C#, Swift, Ember, Java, Parse Push Notifications, API-driven data access, and third-party API integration (Stripe, Google Maps, and SIM Card Activation capabilities on the Verizon Network.)

Market Results

Moultrie's subscriber base grew quickly, exceeding their previous subscriber base in just a few months.