Hospital iOS & Android App

Creating a co-branded common mobile app framework customized for 30 Ascension Health Ministries.

Project Overview

Ascension Apps

Ascension Health is the third-largest health system (based on revenues) and largest non-profit health system in the United States, as well as the world's largest Catholic health system. Ascension Health provides healthcare services at over 1,500 locations and operates hospital groups called Ministries.

A shared mobile app platform was created to give Ministries/Hospitals within Ascension access to an iPhone and Android app. In 2014, a redesign of the app platform was started. The app platform was updated to allow for a single code base to be used for all iOS apps across 25+ Ministries/Hospitals. Sharing code with configuration files managed in a custom CMS allowed the ministries to customize the content of the apps.

The Challenge

Developing a mobile app that allowed Ministry personalization, integrating a content portal that allowed Ministries to easily update information, and using an API to pull in multiple languages for real-time translation.

Technical Solution

We built the application to include a Symptom Checker function driven by a third party API, as well as access to locations, doctors, services, videos and additional Ministry/Hospital information. We also developed the web services, data content portal, and online reporting tool.

Market Results

ALLOY successfully customized the Ascension consumer mobile applications for 30 Ministries across the country, viewed by 40,000+ users.