Alloy transforms Alabama Tourism’s digital experiences helping to secure an advertising award and a $1Billion increase in year over year tourism dollars.

Alloy has partnered with the Alabama Tourism Department, bringing a vast array of solutions to make the unique culture, history, and awe-inspiring destinations of Alabama come alive to the would-be traveler.


The goal of the Sweet Home Alabama partnership is simple. “Provide a holistic approach that brings the would-be traveler together with the many sights, sounds, and experiences of Alabama, to ultimately help drive tourism to the many unique experiences the state has to offer.” The solution, however, is far from simple and requires a multi-faceted researched approach using the latest in user experience strategy, security, database analytics, email marketing, and digital asset management. Bringing all of these technologies together allows us to provide the Alabama Tourism Department with an experience for their users that is 2nd to none.

Services Used

Digital Strategy and Consulting, Web Design and Development, Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development, UX/UI Strategy, Database Analytics, Research & Analysis, Cyber Security, Digital Asset Management, Disaster Recovery

Technologies Used

Crowdriff, Bynder, AWS, Mail Chimp, API’s, Mongo Db, Postgres, Vue, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, Google Analytics, Google Surveys, HotJar, Touch screens, Rich Media, Mobile Applications (React Native), Shopify


The Alabama Tourism Department had a unique set of needs in that they essentially had two customer bases that they wanted to address simultaneously. They wanted a set of products that would push future travelers to their wide range of tourist opportunities, while also partnering with the destination locations themselves by giving them a voice that would allow them to show exactly what they have to offer.  

Alabama Tourism looked to not only increase out of state tourism but they also wanted to do a better job of driving interest in Alabama as a coastal destination. A new, evolved experience would be required to achieve their goals.


Organizing a project that engages two sets of unique users is difficult, doing it gracefully, is an art form. To do this we knew that we were going to need to work on multiple fronts and streamline a jumbled strategy. 

We started by updating their outdated technology.  Within a year we’d redesigned their entire website, updated their asset management platform, consolidated their services wherever possible, and added a content management system so the content team could quickly make changes when needed.  We also drastically improved the look and feel of the back end technology that allows partner organizations to update their content that is displayed on the site and also creates new API’s to allow for future growth.

While updating their technology we then begin to layer in creative content that would allow them to stand out.  We did this by helping to create award-winning ads, creating 360 videos of breathtaking locations, releasing mobile applications, and using the latest user experience strategy to create a website that is not only stunning but accessible to everyone.  Putting these things together was not easy, but allows for an effortless user experience that leads to engagement from both of their target audiences.

& Process

A Digital Transformation

We developed a new, modern digital strategy to digitally transform the Alabama Tourism experience. Digitally-focused tactics founded on a concrete, centralized strategy were critical to driving tourism & user engagements.

A Web Experience Accessible to Everyone

As we rearchitected the web experience, we ensured accessibility and WCAG compliance which increases usability and decreases liability.

Mobile Friendliness

We designed and built experiences that beautifully function on mobile devices and mobile applications with complementary content to drive increased mobile engagement.

Feedback Oriented Objectives

All aspects of our digital experience are informed by direct feedback from the Alabama Tourism team, their partners, and customers.

Thought-Leading Content

In partnership with the advertising agency, Intermark Group, we executed a strategy that enabled Alabama Tourism to be a thought leader in the industry.

Behavioral Economics

Leveraging subtle emotional tactics, we nudge visitors to take actions that achieve their and tourism's collective goals.

The Result - Alloy's Partnership with Alabama Tourism has driven unprecedented increases in overall tourism, exposure, and user engagement.

The strategies put in place between Alabama Tourism and Alloy have led to significant increases for the customer. The increased exposure with award-winning advertising and increased engagement with both partners and tourists has led to substantial growth for the state. For the past three years, Alabama Tourism has seen an increase of over $1 Billion Dollars in travel spending each year.  In 2019 the state of Alabama had an 8% increase in tourist spending. 

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