Alabama Tourism Department - Civil Rights Trail App

Alloy partnered with Alabama Tourism Department to revamp the Civil Rights Trail app to allow users to explore the monumental events that shaped the Civil Rights Movement.


Alloy partnered with Alabama Tourism Department to revamp the Civil Rights Trail app to allow users to explore the monumental events that shaped the Civil Rights Movement.

Services Used

Research, Design, Mobile App Development (iOS and Android), Admin Portal Development, Social Media, Public Relations, App Store Optimization


The Alabama Tourism Department and Alloy wanted to bring to life an important part of our nation’s history through the redesigned Alabama Civil Rights Trail app. We wanted to continually develop and improve an interactive and media-rich experience that allows people of all ages to experience the Civil Rights movement, both in-person—through geolocation—and digitally from the comfort of their home.


The biggest challenge was making sure all the content was relevant and up to date by adding new events and knowing where to limit events, people, and places. We had to consider things like whether we should include important events in Civil Rights history that happened before our country was founded on our timeline and should more recent events be included. From a technology standpoint, we needed to ensure the app was scalable. We plan on creating a CMS so that it can be easily updated—not just by a developer—and tie in user-profiles and content from the Alabama Tourism Department’s website:

& Process

Pre-Production and Research

We worked with the Alabama Tourism Department to determine the content and features of the application experience.


We designed the app to be highly useful for those who are exploring the Civil Rights Trail in person as well as those who want to simply explore from home.

Mobile App Development

During development, our team created rich, engaging content interactions with the relevancy of geolocation. Features include rich media the people, places, and events, geolocation, sharing content with friends and family, bookmarking, media library, and timeline.

Content Portal Development

Our team created a content portal so all of the content within the app can be easily updated by the content creator instead of a developer.


Our team tested the app and admin for bugs on numerous types of devices to ensure all requirements have been met.


After development and testing were complete, we released the application in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for consumers to enjoy.

The Result

Alabama Tourism Department Director Lee Sentell shared, “Restructuring the Civil Rights Trail app to provide a more cohesive story of the role our state played in the Civil Rights Movement allows visitors the chance to explore the monumental events that shaped our nation’s history and continue to shape its future. I invite all travelers to utilize the app and its many features to further explore the many places in our state that exhibit the travails and more importantly the triumphs of the Civil Rights Movement.”

The free app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The application is current featured in the Communication Arts Online Exhibit

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