Lead Designer

Job Description

Alloy is in search of a Lead Designer that can champion and lead Alloy in designing aesthetically pleasing, highly-usable, and science-driven digital experiences (websites, web apps, and mobile apps). The lead designer is responsible for working with Alloy’s strategy, UX/UI, and engineering teams to deliver behavioral-driven, modern, and innovative experiences. This role is expected to understand and leverage design best practices while marrying them with aesthetically pleasing and relevant design approaches. This is an opportunity to share your expertise with a wide range of client-partners in a broad spectrum of industries. Working as part of a highly-driven and talented multi-discipline team with a high profile client roster, the Lead Designer will contribute to the future of our dynamic company. They will work closely with technical leads, UX/UI, strategists, and client-partners to design and explain/present strategies. Success will require a driven personality type who embodies a natural tendency to learn, analyze, and communicate.


Remote | CST, EST Time Zone

Employment Type

Full Time

What You Will Do

  • Help lead modern design practices that are derived from behavioral sciences
  • Research and design digital experiences that are contemporary and at times, innovative
  • Work with UI strategist to leverage existing deliverables (data, analysis, research, competition) to create highly-usable designs
  • Lead design workshops with Alloy’s client-partners
  • Understand and instill usability best practices and deliver highly usable, iterative designs (based on data and user feedback)
  • Own and communicate research, analysis, and design for A/B, multivariate testing
  • Serve as a stakeholder and key client communicator of design best practices and reasoning
  • Maintain and own the design approach that collaborates with and includes our client-partners
  • Understand basic application development and how it impacts design
  • Utilize behavioral sciences to drive design decisions
  • Be aware of brand standards, elements, and messaging that impact the design
  • Incorporate brand authenticity into designs
  • Build prototypes (utilizing design tools) to represent functional compositions
  • Own KPI’s, benchmarks, and other metrics to demonstrate and track the success of design strategies


What we definitely need:

  • Naturally detailed personality
  • Strong communicator of design concepts and strategies
  • Analytical enough to understand and have an interest in data
  • Research-driven decision maker
  • High emotional intelligence
  • Easily understands and communicates complex concepts
  • Enjoys autonomy, flexibility, and embraces change
  • Embodies excellent communication skills - both written and verbal (must be able to present)
  • Handles numerous engagements simultaneously
  • Champions design and usability best practices
  • Communicates well with executives
  • Champions methodology and processes for design approaches
  • Highly skilled in designing experiences that are aesthetically pleasing
  • Must be able to provide design examples representing talents and skills
  • Excels in a fast-paced (sometimes chaotic) environment under tight deadlines
  • Understands and analyzes user interaction data
  • Leverages design and prototype tools to create compelling interactive compositions

Nice to haves:

  • Strong educational background, BA or BS preferred
  • Experience in developing numerous designs across multiple formats (web, mobile, apps)
  • Understands usability best practices
  • Aware of design trends and techniques
  • Familiarity with interaction data from google analytics
  • Knowledge of behavioral sciences and behavioral economics is a plus
  • 3+ years of digital design as a primary job function

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