Updated website

Building a scalable, responsive website

Updated website


Building a scalable, responsive website

Technologies Used

Design, Responsive, SEO, KPIs, Hosting, Support & Maintenance


Vulcraft focuses on joists and decking in the U.S. and Canada. Their goal is to reach their commercial, international client base through exposure to Vulcraft’s extensive product lines. Through Alloy’s redesign of vulcraft.com and vulcraft.ca, the product catalogs have become more accessible to current and potential customers, resulting in an increase in catalog requests.


Vulcraft needed a new website solution to make marketing materials and online catalogs readily accessible to customers visiting the site on any device and to capture customer information.

ALLOY created a responsive site in part with Vulcraft’s technical team to be hosted onsite. By making the site’s graphic elements searchable, integrating keywords into menus and text, as well as additional actions taken from Google Analytics findings,the site's SEO improved.

The Result

Vulcraft aimed to increase user engagement with site resources. In the first year, catalogs have been downloaded 6,496 times. Website improvements have also helped Vulcraft capture an additional 4,359 sign-ups for future marketing purposes.

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